Thursday, December 31, 2009

potty training...

Ok so Isaac is finally completely trained, but now I think it is almost time for Asher. He has been pulling off his diaper. Then he runs to the potty hoists up is little thing and says he needs to pee, but then he goes to his room and pees there. UGH! Yesterday he peed 3 times in his room. Not fun. I'm going to have to find a solution. Pee pads?We'll see.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wagon fun

I can't find my camera or else I would put more pictures up. Asher was give a school buss wagon for blocks for Christmas. Today the boys were taking turns pulling each other around the house. It was really funny to see. I love when they play nice together.

Asher dance

Asher is so funny! Today I was listening to music on Itunes and turned on Alvin and the chipmunks. Asher started dancing around. It was so cute. I got it on my ipod, but I'm not sure how to transfer that video. So if I can figure it out I will post it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Daddy is my hero...

Tonight I was putting the boys to bed. Asher has PJs that say "Daddy is my hero". I read that aloud and Isaac replied "Daddy isn't a hero!'
Me: "Daddy can be your hero"
Isaac: "No, mom, he doesn't have a cape or a costume. He can't be a hero."

I thought that was funny.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Favorite part

Tonight after opening presents for the third night in a row Isaac was sitting in my lap. I asked him if he was having a good Christmas and he said yes. He was slightly out of breath from running around and hitting things with an empty roll from wrapping paper.

I asked him what his favorite Christmas present was this year. He thought about it for a few minutes. Then he excitedly said. "Oh, this is the best Christmas present." As he pointed to the cardboard roll.

Monday, December 21, 2009

smack attack

Ok, so Isaac's thing right now is to shout out smack attack and hit some one or something. No, it is not cute nor is it funny. I did say that some things I write on here are not going to be fun, but frustrating.

Today, however, it was slightly entertaining. He decided to smack attack Maddie. I told him this was not ok. Then he was doing other "moves". So I swatted at him with a roll of wrapping paper and yelled "smack attack back". He paused in shock and the burst into tears. Not because I hit him, but because I stole him move! He was so distraught for several minutes. His friend gave him this move apparently and me using it was absolutely offensive! Even when I uttered the words it was just awful!

So, we are working on losing the smack attack, but it may be hard seeing as how attached he seems to be.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making treats

We made dipped pretzels the other day. Here are a few pictures from our fun.

I love you this much

This morning I was up doing my hair getting ready and I heard Asher down stairs singing his heart out. "I love you this much! I love you this much!" Over and over again. I went to peek and he had the guitar and was dancing around the living room . So, cute.

Friday, December 18, 2009


This is Isaac. He is our oldest boy. He is such a wonderful bundle of energy. Today his very first soccer coach called. I have a feeling this is the first in a long line of coaches. He is very athletic. He starts practice in January. Crazy how fast this goes. I feel like he was just born.

He is talking to Dan right now about soccer.
Isaac:"Dad I play soccer just like you do. We are the best team EVER!"


This is my beautiful baby Levi. He is my youngest and I love his smile. He is so sweet and when he laughs it is amazing. I'm so thankful for this little man. I'm also thankful for this age. He is not moving or talking with an attitude. He is only unhappy when he is hungry or dirty. Which, at this point I know how to fix. :)


This is Asher, and yes this is how he sleeps. Notice the hand? This morning we found him with his blanket sleeper unzipped so he could get his hand down his diaper. Ah, yes, Asher is an Al Bundy baby. It is funny though.

Just another day in the life

It is the end of the year. I find that for me this is a time to set goals for the next year. As I think through these goals there are several that come to mind
1)Lose the baby weight, and then the Christmas weight, and the weight from the previous baby you never lost before you found out you were pregnant yet get the picture.
2) Don't get pregnant. I have three boys 3 and under. I have every intention of having more (even if that means adopting to get a girl) but I need a little time.
3) Sell our current house and find something bigger. With at least 4 bedrooms and a full basement.
4) Organize my house and my life. Again, lots of kids means lots of stuff which means lots of mess. do you see the cycle here?

Which leads me to my next goal. I love to scrapbook, but it is not easy with all these kids so I'm being realistic. This year instead of trying to get caught up on the 4 scrapbooks I'm behind on I plan to blog.

My hope is to write a little something each day. A funny story or even a frustration, but i don't want to get a year down the road and wonder what happened. At the end of the year I may try to make a book out of my blog, we'll see what happens. For now though I'm starting what I hope will be a year long adventure of keeping track of my ordinary days.