Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teddy bears

Today we were making the boy's beds. I pull up the covers and they have to put their pillows and animals on the bed. Asher has two big bears that live on his bed. Today as he was putting up the bears he said "Here is the daddy bear he is wearing a tie." Here is the mommy bear, she doesn't have a penis." There you have it. Daddies wear ties, mommies just are missing things. :)


So, today Isaac had my calculator and was pushing buttons. He told me he was texting his friend Alex about their sleepover tonight. Well, they say they copy your behavior. I guess he has caught me on the phone a few times. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New in the side bar!

Notice anything new? I was able to add a widget enabling our friends and family to donate to the adoption online. This isn't a pressure tactic just another venue to allow people to help if they feel so led. One of the awesome features I love is that you can copy this and put it on your blog.  So, if you want to help feel free to donate and/or spread the word by posting this widget in your side bar. We appreciate any and all help. We are so looking forward to bringing home our daughter.

Also, we are trying to keep up with our adoption blog at We'd love for you to follow our journey and keep us in prayer as we work toward growing our family.


This is the outfit Asher put together this morning.

Things kids say

This was my conversation with Isaac today after leaving Dan's office.

Isaac: Mom, what do you know about my dad?
Me: I know a lot about him. What do you wan to know?
Isaac: Well, he is a complicated guy, my dad. And I just want to know who knows what about him.

Ok, Isaac. Where do you come up with this stuff.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Big boys

Today Isaac moved up to a backless booster and Asher moved into Isaac's old big boy car seat. They are both very excited to graduate into this new place of big boyness. I can't believe how much they are growing up.

Levi is 10 months...a few days ago

That's right my baby is getting so big. He is ten months already. WOW does time ever fly. I can't believe he is so big. He is into everything. I love that he is still so laid back most of the time. He is so much fun. He's a very cuddly guy these days. And my goodness, he is a climber. Here are a few pictures of my cute little man.

Playing catch up

Wow, we have had a crazy couple of weeks. We have been traveling a lot. Doing a lot of work toward the adoption. Keeping busy with visitors and trying to still do everyday life. Here are just a few pictures of the boys from the past couple weeks.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I love my family

Today we went to the Air Force Museum.
Then we went to Chick Fil A

We had a great day. It was fun to spend time as a family.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


So, I found a really good deal on a big bag of suckers. They came in the mail the other day and did I ever have some excited little boys.
Here is Asher trying to count them. :)
He is getting so big! I just wanted to put a few shots up so you can see how cute my baby is. :)


So, we are sick..Not my favorite part of being a mom. I am thankful that Isaac is excellent at making it to the toilet or puke pot when he needs to. Last night he said he wasn't feeling well so he slept with the pot next to him. He threw up and while Dan (YES HE IS AMAZING) was cleaning it up (DID I MENTION I LOVE HIM) I asked Isaac how he was feeling. He looked at me with such a pathetic face and answered "Not awesome"

Then this morning he came in and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I wasn't feeling well. He told me he would pray for me because God can make me feel better. I love him.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Portrait innovations pictures

Here are a few of the pictures we recently got taken. I love seeing how much the boys grow when I look at old pictures. It goes fast.

No more nap?

I think Isaac is losing the nap. I am still going to do rest time, but I feel like he doesn't sleep unless he is forced and then he doesn't want to go to bed at night. I'm so sad to lose this special time. But it is what it is. I think I am going to try and do some school with Isaac while his brothers are asleep today.


This little guy is everywhere! He is crawling like crazy and standing on everything now he is only holding on with one hand. It won't be long before he is walking. Last night he fell down the stairs. I felt so bad. He is fine, but I really hate when he gets hurt.


Asher is doing great with potty training. Today he went upstairs without me even asking and he peed and POOPED in the potty. I'm so excited that he is doing so well. He actually wants to go in the potty and I think that makes a huge difference.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

adventures in potty training.

So after Isaac I think God knew I would need a child who was willing to potty train. Asher has never liked to have a dirty diaper, but recently he has decided to be a big boy. We are working on potty training and today has been a great day. He was wearing underwear all day until nap. I put him in a pull up to keep from having a mess. However, Asher can remove a pull up.

During nap time he must have pooped and decided he didn't want that mess. So, he took it upon himself to take off his pull up. Then he climbed into the top bunk smearing brown along the entire bed. Once he got up there he must have decided it a good plan to smear what was left on his hands onto the ceiling. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! So, I heard him talking and went into check on him. There he sat. In his brother's bed...naked. He announced "Mommy, I Pooped." Proudly and then asked me to get him down. I took him to the tub, because trust me he needed it. I washed him up, pulled the bedding off and took it to the washer, crawled up and started scrubbing the ceiling. YUCK!

While I was up there the boys took it upon themselves to color a picture for me. Asher thought body art would be a nice touch. So now he is covered in marker. Fabulous, son, fabulous.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Potty training

Today Asher has gone all after noon with only using the potty not his diaper. Every time was on his own not with prompting. I'm excited. God knows after Isaac I need an easy one.

Pretty girl

Today I was getting ready in the bathroom and Isaac asked "Mom, how long will your beauty take?" I laughed and told him it could be awhile.

Then I asked him who the prettiest girl in the whole world is. I shouldn't be surprised by his answer...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here are just a few pictures from our Easter. Poor Asher was so sick. We started out on a bad note, but he was still ok with a chocolate bunny and egg hunt.